The Pristine Plant Process™

Education includes:

  • Workshop for objects:
  • Functional Locations
  • Equipment / Assets
  • Bills of Materials
  • Material / Item Masters
  • Maintenance plans
  • Task Lists
  • Work Management
  • Materials Business processes (10)
  • Vendor master
  • Establishing a Global Master Data Governance Team
  • Draft Standards (80 – 90% business ready)
  • Presentation decks & Video recordings
  • Unlimited attendance
    ** Additional objects are available upon request**
PPP Build Blocks
The Pristine Plant Process™

Coaching includes:

  • Establish Global Master Data Governance team charter
  • Finalize Standards for each master object
  • Completion and testing of Materials Business Processes
  • Develop Class and Characteristic standards for Equipment and Materials
  • Develop a work management program leveraging Pristine Plant Process data
  • Profile as-is master data and prioritize transformation requirements
  • Create a Data Quality Remediation program
The Pristine Plant Process™

Implementation includes:

  • Create a Multi-Generational Plan
  • Implement Quality monitoring and remediation of master data
  • Extraction and Transformation of master data
  • Standardize, Deduplicate, Cleanse and Enrich
  • Provide load ready data
  • Implement Master Data Governance (MDG S4 Hana)
  • Support Business processes
  • Implement Work Management
  • Training and Knowledge transfer
    ** Additional objects are available upon request**
Three step approach to efficiently attain a global master data governance program